Join Ontario Campaign 2000 in eradicating child and family poverty. Below is a sample of some of the material we create to support our network to take action against poverty.


There are many ways you can get involved in provincial elections. You can ask questions about poverty when candidates come to your front door, speak up at all-candidates debates, post questions on social media and submit an Op Ed to local media outlets.

Support our Partners

Many partner organizations of Campaign 2000 are doing great work with communities experiencing poverty across Ontario. Find one in your area to connect with!

Meet with your MPP

Ontario Campaign 2000 and the Alliance for a Poverty Free Toronto produced a kit to help you lobby your MPP on key issues that matter to you, your community and your constituency.

Get Connected & Take Action

  1. Host an event or round table discussion about issues of poverty affecting members of your community.
  2. Vote in municipal, provincial and federal elections! Voting is an important way to influence decision-making on poverty and other issues.
  3. Follow @Campaign2000 on Twitter & Ontario Campaign 2000 on Facebook to stay up to date on current issues and initiatives!