Campaign 2000 is a national, non-partisan network of 120 national, provincial and community partner organizations committed to working together to end child and family poverty in Canada.  Ontario Campaign 2000 is a provincial partner network with over 70 member organizations across the province.

Ontario Campaign 2000 was established in 1997 and in November of that year, the first Ontario Report Card on Child Poverty was released, receiving wide media and public attention.  Since then, Ontario Campaign 2000 has published numerous Report Cards on Child and Family Poverty in Ontario, with discussion papers being released from time to time.

What We Do

Ontario Campaign 2000 works to increase public awareness of the levels and consequences of child/family poverty by publishing research on the indicators of child poverty and developing public education resources.

We release annual report cards on child and family poverty in Ontario along with the National Report Card on Child and Family Poverty in Canada. These reports measure the progress, or lack thereof, towards ending child and family poverty in Canada. Many of our partners also produce local report cards. You can order copies of the Report Card on Child Poverty in Canada using the Campaign 2000 Online Order Form.

Our Discussion Papers contain proposals for public policies and social investments based on the life cycle approach to addressing child poverty.

Ontario Campaign 2000 is involved in public and government consultations around the issue of child and family poverty and government policy. We also lobby all Ontario parties to implement improvements to the Ontario Child Benefit, social assistance, social housing, child care, good jobs, labour market supports, community services and other vital programs.

We build on the deep public concern about child poverty by engaging local communities to examine child poverty and children’s well-being through presentations, displays, and forums and our publications.

Advance doable public policy solutions and insist on federal and provincial leadership in income, services, housing, and labour market security for families and children with wide consultation from our partner base.