September 25, 2019

Stop the Cuts to Social Assistance Campaign launched last month. Ontario Campaign 2000 joined 2 dozen organizations to figure out what to do about the many cuts coming to social assistance. With the Transition Child Benefit due to be eliminated November 1st, the definition of disability due to change shortly thereafter, and hundreds of millions in cuts due shortly after that, there is a lot to worry about.

In response the groups have formed a coalition called the Campaign Against the Cuts to Social Assistance.

We hope you will join in.

Over the next few weeks, we are working to raise awareness about the TCB cut. Since we are just 37 days from the end of a program that serves approximately 32,000 children, and makes up as much as 30% of the income of vulnerable families, we are zeroing in on that.

The first step of that is to launch our new coalition, which we announced today with the attached release.

The coalition is off and running, with our web site launched as of today at . Our Ottawa partners will be holding a Town Hall this evening while Windsor, Thunder Bay, Hamilton and Toronto activists are raising the issue in municipal and provincial venues this week.  As we move forward more partners will be tabling motions for their local councils, writing open letters to their MPPs, inviting their networks to sign our online petition, and posting on social media (hashtagging #TransitionChildBenefit and @ mentioning @stopcuts1). These and other action are all ways to make noise in every part of the province about the TCB, and this coalition is here to support that work. 

We hope you will join in the advocacy and we hope you will join the coalition.

Please let us know if you’d like to be a member, and send along a logo if you’d like us to add you to the web site.

Please also let us know about actions your organization is taking , however big or small, and we will add it to updates

And of course take a moment to go to, where we have tools like:

               • Links to our online petition

               • Some sharable graphics for social media

               • A draft of an open letter you can send out

               • Backgrounders and information on the TCB
As well, we will soon be adding:

               • A draft of a motion you can take to your local council

               • A guide to how to lobby your MPP

We look forward to working with you to turn around the pending cuts to Ontario’s most vulnerable people.

Thanks for taking a stand on this important issue.

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