March 3, 2021

Ontarians are still grappling with the effects of the pandemic in real time. After a strong start to pandemic response in April 2020, the Fall budget focused heavily on supports for businesses. For many people living on low incomes in Ontario, the tapering off of individual federal supports and continued fluctuation in employment has created a worse situation today than earlier on in the pandemic. While job creation is important, investments in responsive provincial services and programs that support labour market participation will also be key for an inclusive recovery. Making the right interventions now can help accelerate the rate of family and child poverty reduction in Ontario and positively impact generations to come.

Ontario Campaign 2000 provides the following recommendations for Budget 2021:

1. Make Decisions Based on Meeting the Needs of the Most Vulnerable

2. Address the Financial Needs of Parents & Fortify the Childcare and Education Systems

3. Help Ontarians Stay Home

4. Solidify Safety Nets & Remove Barriers

5. Focus on Improving Employment Standards Alongside Job Creation

Read the full Ontario February 2021 Budget submission

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